About us

Brasserie Surréaliste is a Brussels microbrewery founded in 2019 by two brothers who listened to their dreams. The vision behind the project is to escape reality and reignite people's ability to dream. Remaining true to the values of the emerging craft scene, the young brewery capitalizes on Belgian know-how, but above all, it celebrates creativity. With a bold identity and an extraordinary brewpub, Brasserie Surréaliste has, in just a few years, shaken the Belgian craft beer scene.

"RULES are made to be BROKEN"

The story begins in 2015 in the parents' garage, where Edouard experimented with home brewing after an inspiring trip to Canada. After a hundred home brews and extensive research, Brasserie Surréaliste finally found its dream nest, right in the center of Brussels. In the trendy Dansaert neighborhood, the 10hl brewery sits in the basement of an art-deco building, previously a banana warehouse. On the ground floor lies a restaurant that defies conventions, where beer flows from their 24 taps.

"The BEERS of our DREAMS"

Fearless and a little rebellious, Brasserie Surréaliste honors hops with its flagship "Surréaliste Pale Ale" and IPAs like "Double Trouble" or "Amazonia Erotica." The "Dream" series is a collection of single-hop IPAs brewed with oats, glorifying their favorite hops. The brewery lets its imagination run wild through different beer styles such as lagers, dark stouts, and barrel-aged sours.


Surrealism revolves around transgression and insubordination to the norm. It brings together opposites, combining contrasts to create "sparks." Beauty comes from the unexpected. The surreal visuals on the bottles are the figurative illustration of the brewery's "disruptive" philosophy.

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